One Hour Jet Ski Safari

Start we take from the port of Las Galletas, where actually we are. On the platform there is a box for things where you can leave personal items that you do not need water. Short instructions, rules, put on a wetsuit (not necessarily) and vest (required) and start!

one hour jetski tour tenerife

Together with a group after leaving the port, you will drive past the lighthouse, and find yourself along the rocks and reefs, each individual rock, and separates a town on the land of another. Yes, it is necessary to see the distance from one town to another by car about 10-15 km, and from the ocean, it seems negligibly small, because the city shares a rock.

Here is the first city — Palm-Mar, beautiful and refined, in the desert, rocks and cacti, and in it the blooms life! Flowers, trees, villas, swimming pools, golf courses... For them inspiring force of boulders, tall and mighty in the ocean near you shrimp farms, where you can easily see the flying fish and dolphins.

Then the center of all tourism and entertainment — Las Americas, never sleeps, with a lot of hotels, restaurants and beaches. And finally it smoothly into Los Christianos, your final point. A couple of circles here amid all this beauty, photos taken, and back.

one hour jetski tour tenerife

Coming back this adrenaline and fun in symbiosis. You go a little further from the shore to the open ocean, where there is a great opportunity to see whales, and when you're ready — full throttle and around water only. You glide, cut wave podpryguete over the water and get lots of new impressions. Again lighthouse port Las Galletas, in the port you have met, return your personal items, and show the photos / video of your trip. The tour price includes transfer from the hotel to the port and back.

One hour tour (single)

Price: 85 €
One person on one jet ski.
Duration 1 hour.

One hour tour (double)

Price: 115 €
Two persons on one jet ski.
Duration 1 hour.