VIP Jet Ski Safari

VIP-tour is something special. This kind of holiday is waiting impatiently.

It all starts with an introduction to the chef of the restaurant, where at the end of travel you will have to wait for a chic dinner. Dishes are chosen, it's time to go. The VIP tour you are no limits: any route, any duration. After a short briefing and coordination of the way, put on life jackets and - on the jet skis! You are waiting for the rocks, caves, quiet backwaters, fish farm, seagulls, dolphins and even whales - all of this can be seen while driving a jet ski.

VIP jet ski safari tenerife

Travel covers all the southern coast of Tenerife, where all the places you have already visited is now visible from the ocean. It is very interesting to observe the island life of its own. You lace and literally fly over the waves behind the wheel of a modern jet ski Yamaha on the background of a stunning natural environment. All of this is photographed in the photo and video. To see yourself from the outside is also very interesting!

For your location, tube and mask for diving, you can go for a swim in the clear waters of the Atlantic far away from the port and beaches. There's just you and nature: colorful fish, stingrays, dolphins.

VIP jet ski safari

Upon returning back all will have to wait for a great dinner wine and the freshest seafood. After such a stunning safari, you will have a good appetite! And, of course, transfer to your hotel or apartment is already included in the cost of your VIP-tour.

VIP (single)

Price: 240 €
One person on one jet ski.
Duration no limit.

VIP (double)

Price: 290 €
Two persons on one jet ski.
Duration no limit.